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Selecting Thread

I recommend quilting with polyester thread. Many of us have been taught to always use cotton thread for quilting because it's traditional and it wears at the same rate as the rest of the quilt (the fabric), among other reasons. While I followed that philosophy for many years, I have since made the switch to polyester for several reasons:

  1. It's stronger. When a well-loved quilt begins to wear, the threads from the quilting will often begin to break before the fabric or seams break down. Polyester thread helps the quilt wear longer.
  2. The colors and appearance of polyester thread are more vibrant and shiny. While this is a preference, I feel that it gives a nicer finished look. However if you prefer the cotton look, you are in luck! There are varieties of polyester thread made to look just like cotton.
  3. Because it's so strong, there is less thread breakage on the longarm machine when quilting the quilt.
  4. My longarm manufacturer recommends it. The folks at ABM International, makers of the Innova®, report that users of polyester have an easier time with maintenance because polyester thread doesn't create all of the lint residue that cotton does, for lower maintenance and less wear on the machine (this applies to your domestic sewing machine too - I use poly for piecing as well).

If you don't have a specific color or thread type in mind, I can select a thread for you. While I prefer poly, I am happy to quilt with either cotton or polyester. I have over 200 thread colors in stock to insure the perfect color for your quilt.