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Selecting a Quilting Design

I primarily quilt edge to edge designs, but I will quilt custom designs also. If you are not specific on the design to be used, you can leave the selection up to me. I will choose a design from my collection of digitized designs.

For those of you who would like to select your own design, I may already have a pattern like you want. If not, you can go to Anne Bright Designs, Urban Elementz or Intelligent Quilting or any number of other digital quilting design sites found on the web. Just make sure the design is compatible with my system. Compatibiity terminology they may use are: ABM, Innova, AutoPilot or .PAT file. You will generally want to select a design that is designated "edge to edge". Call me and I can give you some pointers on design selection.

I am always looking to build my digital design collection and when you choose a design, this helps me too. Just tell me the website and the pattern name you have selected. It's really helpful if you can also email me the link. I will then purchase the design for your quilt. For most designs, it's included in the quilting cost and there's no additional charge to you. However, a few higher priced designs or multiple designs on a single quilt may cost additional.