Innova® Longarm Machines, by ABM International

State of the Art Longarm Quilting Machines

Prior to purchasing my longarm quilting machine, I did a lot of research and tried out various machines just like you are doing now. There are several great longarm machine brands to choose from, but I am thrilled with my decision and feel I made the absolute best choice by purchasing an Innova®.

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Some of the reasons I chose Innova® include:

  • Amazing customer service
  • Lots of great online reviews from happy Innova owners
  • Low maintenance
  • Tension is so easy to keep perfect
  • Lightning Stitch is the best stitch regulator on the market
  • High quality computerized quilting system available
  • American made
  • Extremely well-made, industrial built, durable and heavy duty
I invite you to contact me to learn more. I would be happy to discuss the Innova®, share information about features and options, and answer your questions.